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Collection: Titinin Yurii

Titinin Yurii Born on April 7, 1962, in the city of Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

He graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute named after V. Surikov (1992). Teachers in the specialty: A. Savostyuk.

He worked in the field of painting, graphics. An artist of a traditional aesthetic orientation. The author’s creativity is characterized by laconicism and meditation, appeal to a plastic metaphor. The romance of the images is enhanced by the smoothness of the lines and the play of chiaroscuro, contrasting colors, an impressionistic pictorial manner.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1993). He worked in Zhitomir: at an art production plant (1993-2001); at the same time - teacher of painting at vocational school No. 17.

Participated in exhibitions: regional, republican and foreign (since 1992). Personal exhibitions - in Zhytomyr (1993, 1999, 2003), Kiev (1995, 1997, 1999, 2000), Krakow (2001).

Major works: Vernissage (2002), Summer (2002), Girlfriends (2005), Hunting (2005), Solo on the Golden Violin (2002); graphics - “The one who whistles in the attic”, “The one who sits under the stove”, “The one who rustles in the pantry” (1995); painting - “Trio”, “The Mystery of the Sphinx” (2000), “Adam and Eve” (2002).

He lives and workes in the city of Zhytomyr.