Pavel & Peter Dobrev

Pavel Dobrev

  • Date of Birth: July 5, 1979.
  • Birthplace: Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
  • Current Residence: Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
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Education and Artistic Training:
Art School: Graduated from Zaporizhzhia Art School in 1995.
Early Training: Learned art from his father.
Primary Focus: Studio painting.
Artistic Style: Expressive impressionist.

Career and Exhibitions:
Exhibition Debut: Started participating in regional and national exhibitions since 2003.

Personal Exhibitions: Held in Zaporizhzhia (2003, 2004) and Kyiv (2007).

Key Artworks:
Notable paintings include "On the Banks of the Dnipro" (2004), "Rocks Among the Trees", "Autumn Whirlwind" (2005), "Harbor in Gurzuf" (2006), "Cossack Shelters", "Zaporizhzhia Sich", and "Street in Gurzuf" (2007).

Art Preservation:
A selection of his works is preserved in the Zaporizhzhia Art Museum.

Current Status:
He continues to live and work in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, actively contributing to the local art scene.

Dobrev Peter Petrovich

Date of Birth: November 26, 1938

Birthplace: Kolarovka, Zaporizhzhia region.

Pavel Dobrev's father.

Graduated from Ryazan Art College (1969). Teachers by specialty: V. Adeyev, A. Ivanov. In an impressionistic manner landscapes, still lifes, portraits.

Worked at the Zaporizhzhia Art Combine, in the field of monumental art.
Participated in exhibitions: regional, republican (since 1970).
Personal exhibitions - in Zaporizhzhia (2003-2004).
Main works: "Balaklava", "Still Life on the Seashore. "Sevastopol" (2004), "Wharf in Gurzuf", "Pond in Razumovka" (2006), "Crimean Landscape. Gurzuf" (2007), "The Beginning of Spring" (2008). Separate canvases are kept in the Zaporizhzhia Museum of Local Lore. Lived and worked in the city of Zaporizhzhia.