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Collection: Kateryniuk Oleg

Oleg Kateryniuk was born in Ukraine in 1969 and has built a successful career as a graphic designer.

As time passed, Oleg found himself increasingly attuned to the world around him, developing a deeper sensitivity to people, nature, and the environment. These observations and experiences would leave a profound impact on him, filling him with emotions, philosophies, and truths that needed an outlet.

During these moments of introspection and connection with his inner world, Oleg would turn to art as a form of expression. With pencil, brush, and other tools at his disposal, he would find himself alone with his thoughts, a blank canvas or piece of paper before him, ready to translate his inner experiences into visual form.

In these moments, art became a sanctuary for Oleg, a place where he could explore new and unnoticed realms of thought and emotion, all while sharing his unique perspective and story with the world.