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Collection: Kymnatny Anatoly

Anatoly Kymnatny was born in 1980 in Kirovograd.

In 1994 he graduated from the Kirovograd Children's Art School, in 2003 - from the Kirovograd Pedagogical University (majoring in Primary Education and Fine Arts).

He works in the Kirovograd Regional Art Museum, and heads the department.

This exhibition at Anatoly 9th personal.

On the subject, it is divided into two parts. Entering the Walnut Living Room, the viewer will see landscapes and still lifes in a classic realistic style, as well as several philosophical paintings, as if reminding that the word ‚Äúcosmos‚ÄĚ by the ancient Greeks meant universal harmony.

But in the Turkish lounge presents works on AIDS. Anatoly noted that artists draw only posters on this subject - but no one tried to comprehend it through paintings. And Gymnasium wanted to try. He approached the problem from different points of view. But mostly with the Christian. Anatoly displayed the connection of AIDS with original sin and the subsequent sins of mankind, and even transferred the text of a special prayer to the Mother of God for the health of HIV-infected people on canvas. Some of the works in this series may shock with their naturalism. But in this case, you can either return to the Walnut Living Room, or look at the paintings dedicated to outstanding musicians: Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS, whose work Anatoly Kimnatny is fond of, and Elton John, who heads the AIDS fund.

According to Odessa artist Inna Rusina, Anatoly Kimnatny is a thinking and spiritual person who is thoughtful about people's suffering. And his work is pictorial in the full sense of the word. The exhibition runs until June 25th.