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Collection: Pereta Vyacheslav

I, Pereta Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, was born on March 30, 1977 in the city of Dubno, Rivne region.

From early childhood I spent many hours drawing, which prompted my parents to enroll me in an art school. Over the years, my passion grew into an internal need, and I began to think about the career of an artist.

The basics of art education were given to me by my father, then there were preparatory courses at the Academy and in 2002 I entered the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture at the Faculty of Painting. I studied with great enthusiasm, took an active part in academic exhibitions and competitions, and was awarded. From the third year of study, I was enrolled in the workshop of Professor Gurin V.I. , my teachers were Golembievskaya T. and Zorko A. I defended my bachelor's degree with the painting “Spring”, which was subsequently acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.

I graduated from NAOMA in 2008 and actively engaged in creative activities. In 2011-2012. performed four historical paintings for the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia. Held a number of personal and collective exhibitions, including in Cherkasy and Simferopol art museums. In 2012 he was admitted to the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

My inner world has always warmly responded to the work of impressionist artists, and among domestic masters I am fascinated by the works of K. Korovin, F. Zakharov, N. Glushchenko. A sharp and interesting compositional solution, subtle color relationships, which are decisive in creating the “mood” of a picture, are those tasks that excite me the most. My works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. I live in the city of Dubno, Rivne region.