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Oil painting The Quest for Equilibrium Igor Konovalov

Oil painting The Quest for Equilibrium Igor Konovalov

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Oil Painting: Equilibrium Part 2 by Igor Konovalov

Is an inspiring oil painting by the talented Igor Konovalov, showcasing his unique vision through a captivating canvas size of 120x90 cm. This artwork, a significant piece in Konovalov's collection, exemplifies the harmony and balance found in the juxtaposition of natural and abstract elements, a theme that resonates deeply within the artist's body of work.

About the Artwork

  • Title: "The Quest for Equilibrium" - Part 2
  • Artist: Igor Konovalov
  • Dimensions: 120x90 cm/'47.24x35.43 inches'
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • CONDITION: we tried to convey the maximum information with the help of photos about this product

Condition and Detailed Viewing

Presented in impeccable condition, oil painting invites viewers to explore its every detail through comprehensive imagery, capturing all angles and facets of this stunning piece.

About the Artist

He was born in 1965 in the city of Novy Bug.

1983—1987 — Dnipropetrovsk State Art School.

1987—1993 — Kyiv State Art Institute.

Since 1993, co-founder of the art commune "Squat on Olehivska Street", the activity of which has two periods:

1993—1996 — "classic squat" (occupation of premises for workshops and housing, exhibition activity, as a practice of introduction into society).

1996-2006 — "fictitious squat" (author of the project — Fiction Gallery Expedition. — going beyond workshops and galleries (institutions) into open urban space.

The founder of the Hill-art direction (art on the hills), within the framework of which actions were held and facilities were created on the hills of Kyiv.

2010-2020 - develops the author's mythology, which he called "Infodelica".

The creator of paintings, promotions, objects and video art.

Lives and works in Kyiv.


Personal exhibitions:

2020 - Recreation room, Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv

2019 - "Voices", CSM "Soviart", Kyiv

2018 - "Two Pages", Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv

2017 - "Point of support", CSM "Soviart", Kyiv

2016 – "Presidency", CSM "Soviart", Kyiv

2016 - "Relax", CSM "Soviart", Kyiv

2015 – "Wi-Fi", DTEK Academy, business center "Eurasia", Kyiv

2013 - "Infa&infadelika", 8-bit Gallery, Kyiv

2012 - "Infa", Gallery "Forest", Moscow, Russia

2011 - "Infa", RA Gallery, Kyiv

2010 – I. Konovalov, Museum of Sovr. image of Arts of Ukraine (MSIIU), Kyiv

2009 – "Golden Mountains", RA Gallery, Kyiv

2008 - Ctrl-Z, RA Gallery, Kyiv

Group exhibitions:

2020 – ART CAPITAL, Grand Palais, Paris. Salon Comparaisons, groupe Alain Campello

2017 - "Squat on Olehivska Street", Sumy Municipal Gallery, Sumy

2015 – Museum collections, Ukrainian modern art. (1985-2015)

2015 – "Coefficient of independence" (America House), Kyiv

2015 - "Art for the sake of life" - charity project, "Art Arsenal", Kyiv

2014 - The 21st nude art exhibition "MAN & WOMAN", At the Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia

2012 - "Squat on Olehivska Street", M17 Center of Contemporary Art, Kyiv

2012 - Art-Moscow, 16th International Art Fair, Moscow, Russia

2011 - "Independents", New art of the new country 1991-2011, "Art Arsenal", Kyiv

2011 – "Space Odyssey-2011", "Art Arsenal", Kyiv

2010 - Art project "AUT" - international art project, Chocolate House, Kyiv


• Catalog for a personal exhibition: I. Konovalov, Museum of Modern Fine Arts of Ukraine (MSIIU), "Infa", "Forest" Gallery

• The book "Squat on Olehivska Street" (1993 - 2015), Kyiv

• Collection of the Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art 1985–2015 from private collections

25 years of presence. Modern Ukrainian artists. 1991-2016, Kyiv

• Collection of catalogs of participation in numerous exhibitions and auctions

Works are located:

• Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum

• Museum of Modern Fine Arts of Ukraine (MSIIU)

• Kyiv History Museum

• In private meetings: Boris and Tetyana Hrynievych, Igor Voronov, Igor Abramovich, Oleg Krasnosilskyi, Volodymyr Kashirskyi, and others.

A Symphony of Balance

In "The Quest for Equilibrium" Konovalov explores the delicate balance that underpins our existence. This piece beautifully captures the tension and harmony between opposing forces. Through masterful strokes and a refined palette, the painting invites viewers into a contemplative space where every element is meticulously crafted to contribute to an overarching sense of peace and stability.

Legacy and Influence

"The Quest for Equilibrium" is more than just a painting; it is a visual representation of Konovalov's philosophical inquiries into the essence of balance in our world. Through his exceptional talent and thought-provoking themes, this artwork stands as a testament to the profound depth and enduring appeal of Konovalov's artistic journey.

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