Anatoly Tarabanov

Anatoly Borisovich Tarabanov

Born in 1953 in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

1965–1969: Studied at an art school.

1968–1973: Studied at the Dnipro Art School, specializing in painting.

From 1978: Participated in republican, all-union, and international exhibitions.

1988: Became a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

All Paintings by this Artist

The artist's works can be seen in museums in Ukraine and abroad, including the Boston Museum of Social Art. Many of his pieces are in private collections in the USA, European countries, Turkey, and Israel.

Currently lives and works in Zaporizhzhia.

Anatoly Tarabanov works in the field of easel painting.

Tarabanov's art combines direct life impressions with meticulous work on form. The artist himself believes that the technique of painting needs to be perfected throughout life, constantly experimenting and introducing something new. His works always exude a clear, confident rhythm that dominates among the lively bursts of decorative spots. This is why Anatoly's works are easily understood, and their profound meaning is easily read.

Anyone who has seen Tarabanov's works even once will easily remember the unique style of the master, where undeniable talent, refined technique, perfect compositions, distinctive style, and sincerity are impeccably combined. While expressing something unquestionably personal, the artist also manages to convey the richness and inexplicable depth of everyone's feelings when closely connected with nature.