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She is a young self-taught, artist.

She adores art, cause it is one of the greatest and most beautiful ways to make our souls sing. All colors, different combinations of it, no ordinary (and sometimes simple but very effective too ) techniques, that give life to some unique and unusual picture, makes her eyes shine and put a big smile on her face, makes her feel pure harmony. Also Valeria love philosophy, so her works are full of deep mood.

For Valeria, paintings - it’s about feelings. No matter how you create it, matters what feeling you put in it, the picture will reflect it. That’s why she chose abstract style. It’s free from frames and lets you show more than we used to see…

So her goal is to open you to the world of aesthetic pleasure.She wants people to have in their interior paintings that will be not just an element of decor, but give them this pleasure by staying in tune with their souls, to share with people this deep mood that she feel to art and creating beauty.