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Oil painting Battle of the pyramids Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov

Oil painting Battle of the pyramids Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov


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A Historical Epic on Canvas: "Battle of the Pyramids" by Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov

Titled "Battle of the Pyramids," this oil painting by Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov is a dramatic representation of the historic military engagement between the French army under Napoleon Bonaparte and the Mamluk forces in Egypt. Measuring 110x75 cm (43.30x29.52 inches) and oil on canvas, the artwork immerses the viewer in the intensity and tumult of the battle, set against the iconic backdrop of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Oil history painting "Battle of the Pyramids" by Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov is a powerful piece within our collection, showcasing the artist's skill in capturing the dynamism of historical events through his detailed and expressive painting style. Litvinov masterfully portrays the chaos of combat, the determination of the soldiers, and the dramatic landscape, all of which combine to evoke the significance of this moment in history. Through this painting, Litvinov not only pays homage to the bravery and strategies of the past but also invites reflection on the costs of war and the march of progress. Let's delve into the world of oil painting "Battle of the Pyramids" and explore the creative journey of its creator, Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov. There are other genres of painting in our catalog.

About the Artwork

  • Title: "Battle of the Pyramids"
  • Artist: Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov
  • Size: 110x75 cm (43.30x29.52 inches)
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Authenticity: Exclusively hand-painted and part of our distinguished collection
  • Condition: Comprehensive visual details provided for a full appreciation

About the Artist

Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov was born on May 18, 1967 in the city of Lubny. He graduated from the Lubensk secondary school № 1. One of his favorite lessons was drawing. I was even more attracted by studies at an art school, where boys and girls were introduced to high art thanks to the wise teachers Vasily Semenyuta, Anatoly Kharchuk, Nikolai Korablev, Tamara Moshnikoviy. Especially in his artistic development, Alexander owes to Vasily Ivanovich Semenyuta, his classical school of teaching, which he enriched in his time through his acquaintance with famous artists Alexei Asaulenko and Petr Likhin. And also an extremely important role in the passion for painting was played by the fact that Alexander's father, Arkady Petrovich Litvinov, was both a talented artist and an excellent teacher. He had 53 years of teaching experience - he taught drawing and drawing at the Lubensk school №8, many of his students connected their professions with artistic creativity. Alexander's elder brother, Oleg Arkadyevich Litvinov, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, now lives in Odessa, also chose the artistic path.

And after leaving school, Alexander served in the army, where his artistic talent came in handy - in Soviet times, visual agitation was highly valued. He served in Dnepropetrovsk, where two personal exhibitions of his paintings were organized. While still at school, Alexander began to design books, in particular, children's literature. He received his first creative fee in the tenth grade from the publishing house "Raduga" for the design of the book by Anatoly Rybakov "Krosh's Vacation". Later she studied at the Odessa Theater and Art School, specializing in "Decoration of puppet shows and artistic and props art."

Studying at the school and passion from childhood with historical and biblical literature greatly influenced the creative manner of the artist. He works in the style of the so-called figurative art, where the main thing is the image of the human body.

Delving into History Through Art

The "Battle of the Pyramids" not only showcases a historical event but also reflects Litvinov's meticulous research and deep understanding of the subject. Through his brush, the drama of the battlefield, the strategies employed, and the sheer human emotion of the moment come to life, offering viewers a window into the past.

A Palette of Emotion and Drama

Litvinov employs a rich palette to emphasize the tumult and vibrancy of the battle scene. The contrast of colors, the play of light and shadow, and the dynamic composition all contribute to a vivid depiction of the battle, making history palpable and strikingly visual.

"Battle of the Pyramids": A Canvas of Historical Significance

Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov's "Battle of the Pyramids" transcends the realm of mere art to become a historical document, rendered through the medium of paint. It captures not just a moment but the essence of an era, reflecting the turmoil, strategies, and heroics of the past.

This painting is an invitation to explore history, to feel the dust of the battlefield beneath one's feet, and to witness the grandeur and gravity of historical conflicts. "Battle of the Pyramids" by Alexander Arkadievich Litvinov is more than just a painting; it's a journey through time, offering a blend of artistry and history that enriches both the mind and the soul.

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