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Oil painting Raising Achilles Litvinov Oleg Arkad'yevich

Oil painting Raising Achilles Litvinov Oleg Arkad'yevich


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A Masterpiece of Mythological Art: "Raising Achilles" by Oleg Arkad'yevich Litvinov

Titled "Raising Achilles," this captivating oil painting by Oleg Arkad'yevich Litvinov measures 40x60 cm (15.74x23.62 inches). This work stands as a testament to Litvinov's remarkable ability to weave historical, religious, and mythological themes into his art. The oil painting showcases the young Achilles, a symbol of strength and vulnerability, being raised to meet his destiny. Litvinov's use of oil on canvas brings out the vibrancy and emotion of this mythical narrative, capturing the intensity and the tender moments of Achilles' upbringing. There are other genres of painting in our catalog

About the Artwork

  • Title: "Raising Achilles"
  • Artist: Oleg Arkad'yevich Litvinov
  • Size: 40x60 cm / 15.74x23.62 inches
  • Medium: Oil, Canvas
  • Originality: Hand-painted original from our collection
  • Condition: Extensive visual documentation provided

About the Artist

Born on August 27, 1957, in the city of Lubny, Poltava region. Graduated from the Odessa Theater and Art School (1982). Teachers in the specialty: S. Zaitsev, V. Merkalov, M. Vylkun. He worked in the field of painting, graphics. The main industries are easel painting, easel and book graphics. Author of multi-figure paintings on historical, religious and mythological themes, illustrations for books. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1989). Collaborated with publishing houses: "Mayak" (Odessa, late 1980s), "Raduga" (1982-1991), "Dnepr" (1982-2000), "School" (2006-2010; Kiev). Creative work. Participated in exhibitions: city, republican, foreign (since 1982). Personal exhibitions - in Odessa (1982, 1992, 1997-1998, 2002, 2004, 2010), Munich (1995), Kiev (2000), Moscow (2002-2003). Major works: illustrations for books - "Children of Captain Grant" (1981), "English folk ballads" (1983), "Pan Tadeusz" (1983), "Those who were shipwrecked" (1986); The Triumph of St. George (1989); series of easel illustrations - for the collection "English folk ballads" (1983), the Bible (2008-2014), the story "Taras Bulba" (2012), the poem "The Divine Comedy" (2014); series - "Landscapes" (2014); illustrations for books - "Pan Tadeusz" (K., 1983), "Shipwrecked" (A., 1986), "Terrible revenge", "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (2006); The Lost World (2008), The Odyssey of Captain Blood, Tales of the Nations, The Defense of Bushey (2010); painting - "Triumph of St. George" (1989), "Perseus and Andromeda" (1996), "Susanna and the Elders", "Calvary" (1997), "Triumph of Galatea" (1998), "Christ before Pilate", "St. George "," Glory "," The Emperor "," Nymph and the Unicorn "(1999)," Venus and Mars "(2000)," Bacchus and the Amazon "(2001)," The Abduction of Europa "," Ivan Bohun under Bar "," Sirens attracting "," Calisto "(2002)," Neptune ", triptych -" Diana and Actaeon "," Sphinx "(2003)," Atonement "(2004)," B. Khmelnitsky "(2006)," Triumph of Venice "(2008)," Venus of the XX century ", triptych -" Revelations of John the Theologian "(2010)," The Last Supper "," Perseus and Andromeda "(2012)," Archangel Michael "( 2014). Some works are kept in the Odessa Literary Museum, V. Ryabov Gallery (Moscow). Lived and worked in the city of Odessa.

A Journey Through Time and Myth

Litvinov's journey as an artist is marked by an extensive exploration of various themes and mediums. From illustrating classic literature to creating multi-figure paintings based on historical and mythological themes, his work spans a broad spectrum of artistic expression. "Raising Achilles" is a prime example of his dedication to portraying complex narratives through his art, inviting viewers to delve into the stories that have shaped human culture and consciousness.

An Invitation to Explore Myth Through Art

We invite art lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts of mythology to experience the depth and beauty of "Raising Achilles." This painting is not just a visual treat; it's a bridge to the ancient world, offering a glimpse into the life of a hero whose story has captivated the imagination for centuries. Litvinov's work encourages us to reflect on the themes of heroism, fate, and the timeless appeal of mythological tales.

Experience the blend of historical depth and artistic mastery in Litvinov's "Raising Achilles," and let it transport you to the world of gods and heroes, where the lines between human and divine blur in the name of destiny and legacy.

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